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Create healthy fried rice today

The popularity of the fried rice has been proven in various parts of the world, especially in Asia. The delicacy of this dish is supported by a variety of herbs and supplements, such as eggs, pickles, crackers, vegetables, sauce, and meat. In Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, the fried rice has a taste of its own thanks to the blend of soy sauce.

Although preferred, fried rice is often regarded as a source of high cholesterol because the content of carbohydrate-rich menu prepared by frying. In fact, if the processing and materials have been selected with a slick, this dish can be a healthier dish.

The following may be some way and suggested materials for making fried rice become healthier:

Use rice that has been cooked the night before

Take advantage of leftover rice or rice cooked the day before in order to be more savory fried rice. Freshly cooked rice will make a cuisine to be mushy. So is the rice stored in the refrigerator will eventually clot. You can separate them before cooking.

Choose the right oil

Use nonstick frying pan so that you do not need to use too much oil. Prioritizing wear new oil for frying. Avoid using oils that have been used to avoid repeated heating. Reheating will make unsaturated fats into saturated fats. The best oils used for frying are those that contain monounsaturated or double, such as vegetable oil or olive oil. Both are helpful to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Avoid heating the oil in the frying pan until the oil smoke. Besides going to make a dish, charred and favors, oil is heated at too high a temperature will lose their nutritional value. Olive oil has a low hot spots so that when heated long there will be smoke. Other types of oils, such as sesame oil or corn oil can also be used. While palm oil and coconut oil should be avoided because it is rich in saturated fat, though not contain cholesterol.

Avoid using butter instead of margarine or cooking oil. Butter contains saturated fat high that the risk of increasing cholesterol levels and heart disease risk. As with margarine containing trans fatty acids and less saturated fat.

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