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Biaxial stretching PP rough film for RRPP capacitor

1. Features

With the imported super-high purity electric homopolymerize PP resin , it is formed through biaxial stretching, which has features of good uniformity, even porosity, high operation field strength, low dielectric loss, good compatibility with the impregnating oil of multiple kinds of capacitors, easy for rolling.

2. Applications

It is mainly used for compound or full-film immersion oil capacitor, including the manufacturing of medium and high pressure capacitor and capacitor transformer etc. in the reactive power compensation, equalizing, filtering, coupling of the transmission and transforming system;

3. Representing method of thickness

The nominal value can use the central value of the thin film thickness (integer value such as 3, 10, 15, etc) plus the mantissa (one decimal place) or the their codes. We use Weight method (WMV) to value the MPP film thickness; and that of RPP/RRPP/MRPP film are valued through Mechanism method (MMV) (Ten-layer method)

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