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improve your body with taekwondo

Reflex motion is related to the motor body's sensors which can be an indication of whether or not a person can get injured. The better the body reflex, the more we avoid injury. Research shows that those who practice taekwondo often have faster and better reflexes.

Increasing Mineral Bone Density

Research in Korea found that children who practice taekwondo have excellent bone mineral density. And it shows if doing taekwondo can help solidify the bones and make it stronger. Other sports that can make bone more dense, among others, are:

Benefits of playing badminton
The benefits of sports skipping
The benefits of a morning run

Improve Postural Control

Postural control or postural control is related to the ability of the body's balance and motor ability of the body. In people who often undergo taekwondo practice, proved to have more postural control capabilities are much better.
Taekwondo Benefits for Psychic Health

In addition to various health benefits, taekwondo can also be beneficial to mental health. And it has been proven by the existence of various research results that state so. Then, what are the benefits of taekwondo for our mental health who practice this sport?

Increasing More Self-Appreciating Flavor

The first mental health benefit that can be gained by those who practice taekwondo is that they will be more self-respecting and accept themselves as they are.

Building Confidence

Practicing taekwondo can also help build self-esteem and eliminate feeling inferior. This is because practicing taekwondo spurs you to be successful in practicing and taking control of your own life by continuing to practice and practice without any hurdles.

Building Discipline

Practicing taekwondo is not just about physical exercise for self-defense alone. But practicing taekwondo can train both body and mind as well as in the principles and techniques taught in taekwondo. So that discipline will awaken as often practice taekwondo sport.


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