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Miverse from nintendo is officially closed

Starting from 2012, Miiverse is a social media service for console and handheld Nintendo was born. Unfortunately, Miiverse closed this November, leaving the user's disappointment.

Social media platforms dedicated to consoles are generally not so popular, given the limited access provided. Miiverse is one of the social media for Nintendo gamers that are not so popular, but the platform is quite popular by small illustrators. Unfortunately, Nintendo must state that Miiverse is closed this month.

Miiverse itself is referred to as social media that is classified as kid-friendly, the strict handling of the content presented is sometimes considered too harsh by Nintendo himself. The easiest example is that they do not allow images intended for mature content, and user-initiated violations end with permanent tires.

Miiverse was not spared from the controversy because of the strict rules and arrogance is quite upsetting. One example of strict rules that run is a tire on the Wii U system. Note that if any account is exposed to tires on the console, then other accounts that want to enter through the Wii U, for example if the console is a used console, then the user can not access Miiverse.

Arrogance at Miiverse is also seen on the tires worn on Sony's president, Shuhei Yoshida. Yoshida said that he was blocked twice, one because he entered his twitter information and another because he wrote "I love PS" at Miiverse. Of course, promoting other consoles is not allowed, but Nintendo should know that the post is owned by Sony's president himself.

However, behind all the controversy, Miiverse is an interesting social media. Many users are expressing themselves by drawing using their stylus. The results are diverse, there are unique and there is a very beautiful, even hard to believe that the work was drawn using Wii U or 3DS.

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