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SteelSeries Rival 110 quick review

SteelSeries is well known as a vendor of gaming device manufacturers. One among many of their products is a gaming mouse whose function is certainly vital to gamers.

SteelSeries produces a single gaming mouse that is a continuation of the Rival series, which is Rival 110 as a complementary member of the family of Rival 100 and Rival 300. However, there seems no significant difference in terms of appearance.

SteelSeries Rival 110 has a design that is still the same as the two previous Rival series. There are two buttons on the left side and on the right and left side of the surface is available with a line groove so as to provide a solid grip when grasped.

The shape of the pungggungnya as well as the body is quite rounded, but apparently quite comfortable grasped when actually seeing it very clear the size of the mouse is still fairly large. I belong to the owner of a slim and small, and I managed to use this gaming mouse with the claw grip position.

Dimensions body has a size of 120.6 x 68 x 38.12 mm. Its own weight is only 87.5 grams and with the use of plastic materials then make a mouse that looks round at once still feel light when moving the mouse position in the middle of the game.

The use of plastic materials sometimes make a mouse becomes slick, especially when the hands are sweating. This is not what I found in SteelSeries Rival 110 thanks to a semi-rough mate touch on the surface of the body.

At the end of the back there is a SteelSeries logo with RGB lights, just like the one on the scroll button in the middle. The color of this lamp can vary depending on the configuration of SteelSeries Engine software.

Unfortunately, the size of the two buttons on the left of the nest and previous buttons are fairly small and narrow. The narrow size makes me often wrong clicking the two buttons or even both are clicked at the same time.

For click speed of the mouse Steeleries Rival 110 available maximum speed up to 7200 CPI. There are two types of speeds that both can be arranged and based on test settings the results of the speed is quite accurate and feels once the difference in each choice of speed. SteelSeries claims that this mouse can survive up to 30 million times the click so it is quite durable.

The sensor is also quite precise. TrueMove Technology 1 movement of mouse in mouse pad with movement in display monitor very unidirectional. In addition, when the mouse is lifted in the middle of the game, the position of the monitor on the monitor does not come making it easier for gamers who want to change the position of the hand when the game.

the right choice for gamers right here

As a gaming mouse, SteelSeries Rival 110 does have a design that is not new than its predecessor. However, behind the simple design, actually this mouse to esport because it summarizes the required capabilities.

Starting from additional buttons and configurable button-wide features, excellent click speed and mouse sensor sensitivity and lightweight design. So, behind the usual design will actually feel the obvious difference between a regular mouse with a gaming mouse.


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