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Maybe the biggest shocker of all

Another lesson from this year: the league is changing, and the big man is becoming less important within the context of the game. Players have to be able to guard both on the inside and the outside, NBA 2K MT and the best suited players to do that are the most athletic ones.Skill, athleticism and feel for the game rule the NBA in this day and age, and we see that with the risers that I missed on earlier this year.

While I did write about Donovan Mitchell's NBA prospects as early as August, I did not include him in my earliest projections. He ends at No. 13. Luke Kennard is maybe the biggest shocker of all. He was something of an afterthought behind Allen, Frank Jackson and others in the Duke rotation coming into the season. Instead, it was Kennard who stepped up, becoming college basketball's most efficient high-volume, high-major scorer. Jawun Evans at No. 17 was a guy that many missed on due to his size, including myself, before he led Oklahoma State to the No. 1 offense in college hoops under new coach Brad Underwood. Derrick White came out of nowhere to dominate the Pac-12 after making the Division II leap.

Ditto for Semi Ojeleye as far as a transfer is concerned, after the former Duke Blue Devil sat out a year and a half before being named the AAC Player of the Year at SMU. Even among the bigs to make big leaps, Zach Collins and John Collins, both of them possess the size, athleticism and skill to play in today's NBA more than the big, bruising frame that carries them through the day. Overall, the lessons to take away from this season and into the next are simply what I numerated above.

Never take a medical report for granted, remember that the NBA is loaded with big men and that skill and athleticism on the wing and in the backcourt will always have a place for NBA 2K MT Coins for sale. It may be tough to take those lessons to heart in the initial 2018 NBA Draft board that I'll post here at Sporting News after the 2017 NBA Draft ends — given that the 2017 high school recruiting class is just loaded with big men — but at least thoughtfully considering them will help me miss the pratfalls that befell my big board over the course of the previous year.


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