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breathing technique to get relaxed

Try to keep breathing steady. Also, inhale at the same rate as you exhale. Many people have a tendency when inhaling takes a long time and then exhale very quickly, or vice versa. Maintaining a balance between the two will help you relax and also improve the effectiveness of your Mental Programming.

Relax With Your Breath
Take a deep breath, through your stomach, and on each breath a little more relaxed. Relaxing on exhaling will be easier if you breathe slowly and long. Every breath should be able to create a little more relaxation until relaxation is fully achieved.

Relax Eyelids
Wash the eyelids. Your body can know that you are pretending to relax through the tension in your eyelids. Relax your eyelids and your mind will be fooled and relaxed.

Let Your Jaw Down
Advance forward and let your jaws slightly down until is feeling relaxed. The jaw is the perfect place for your body to hide the tension. Do not worry, nobody sees your jaw being slightly down, so let it down a bit.

Body Fat When You Feel Tense
At times you may feel that certain parts of your body are tense, so your body tells you that they need to relax. If you feel your legs, arms or other parts of your body are tense, soften slowly and let the tension go.
To do this, set the position as comfortable as possible, for example by sitting and feeling all the limbs as if not muscular, without any limbs and nerves are pinched, and make sure the clothes you wear loose are not tight. There is no need to relax the muscles and limbs by wiggling like exercise warming.

Imagine A Place Where You're Most Relaxed (Sample Beds)
Thinking about a place where you normally relax is the best way to deceive your body (and mind) into relaxing by itself. Your bed is the most appropriate choice, but maybe a couch or beach would be appropriate and better for you.

Side Effects of Relaxation (A Little Disturbing)
When you start using this technology, you may find some side effects. This is normal and will gradually disappear.

Saliva. When the body relaxes, it usually increases the production of saliva. Do not worry, this is normal. If you experience more than normal (saliva is out very much), then it's good too.

Twitch. When relaxing the body in a strange place (like a computer chair), it is common to feel some resistance in certain parts that feel tense all the time. This area will "twitch" when you try to make it relax. Do not worry, this is normal and gradually lost, especially if you try to relax more during the day, which is a very healthy thing to do.

The memories that have been buried become remembered. Things that have been forgotten in a certain decade recalled are normal. Sometimes you may remember something undesirable and may have to repeat the session. This is common in some people, this is actually your mind saying that your subconscious mind needs help. Use this as a guide to help reprogram your mind.

Itchy. Most people experience vague itching, precisely the first time they use Brainwave Brainwave Therapy. This is normal. Try to ignore it. Adhering and scratching it will only cause more feel to the surface. Take a deep breath (through the stomach) and ignore the itch. This will make the itch fade away.


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