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RS6-C Super True Color Big Data CCD Color Sorting Machine

Product SummaryUltra-clean colorful 5400CCD
sensor - aims to independent output of visible light, efficiently
sorting light yellow, white belly, and micro lesion. High speed and high frequency inlet equipment - satisfying 300 tons per day production line requirement by color sorter machine. Hi-end LED lighting source system. Powerful triple sorting function. Rich shape sorting function. Automatic material position testing.Description:1.High
brightness & low temperature rise LED light source —materials can
be illuminated with no blind angle, it also increases the detection
accuracy of this machine, and the rational source brightness takes a
longer service life for RS-C series rice color sorter.2.Automatic
background adjustment function — the traditional mechanical adjustment
can be broken by this function. And it is for a fast response in
background adjustment.3.The 4th generations FPGA processing system —
speed and efficiency of mass data process can be improved by this
system, and the colour sorter machine capacity and shape sorting can be promoted obviously.4.Vibrator sensing hopper sensors — this special vibrator ensures the material can be feed and sorted in a uniform way.5.Wide chute design — the capacity can reach 8-15t/h at production line by using this design.6.Super
high definition 2048 CCD sensor and imported MEYER-50 lens — high-end
CCN sensor and lens guarantees the image is satisfied to users’ demand,
these are the world top level for detecting scab & light yellow, and
also for rejecting yellow while reserving milky.7.New ejector assembly — this new ejector assembly is adopted in the RS-C series rice color sorter machine with over 1 KHz frequency, lifetime exceeds 8 billion times, and the all for reducing carryover ratio.8.One-key
intelligent control —remote control & remote diagnosis are the main
advantages of the large touch screen for wireless control.


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