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Improve body power by using Fartlek training

In sports, there is an exercise called fartlek. The term of this exercise may sound foreign to the ear, but most people have already done this exercise. Fartlek training is running at varying running speeds.

Fartlek is a term from Swedish, which means "speed play". This is an exercise that combines speed and endurance. The principle behind fartlek training is to allow the body to adapt to various speeds, as well as condition the body to become faster over longer distances.

Fartlek training is not only physically beneficial, but also trains the mind to become stronger, strengthens the will, thereby allowing one to keep running and not give up easily.

The more often you do training sessions that incorporate these variations in speed, the stronger and more mentally a person will be when running or racing. The body can usually move longer and faster.

Then what are the benefits of fartlek exercise for the body? Launching from, here we present some of the benefits of fartlek exercise that can strengthen your body.

The benefits of the first fartlek exercise are to increase endurance. Fartlek is a type of exercise that will help increase endurance. The main feature of a fartlek workout is continuous running with changing running speed. Your body adapts to the effort over time, so you can run longer at a certain pace.

Start with the shorter fartlek, and gradually increase the duration of your fartlek practice. Research has shown that fartlek exercise has a significant impact on increasing maximum oxygen consumption and resting pulse rate.

The second benefit of fartlek training is to increase speed. True to its meaning, "speed play," fartlek practice will help you increase your speed. By entering a faster segment and changing the running speed, the body will adapt to different speeds. That way, apart from breaking boredom from your workout, your body will also get used to the sensation of running faster.

The third benefit of fartlek training is to avoid fatigue. Fartlek is running according to feeling, without thinking about your running speed. By adding a faster segment, you can see how far you can go, without exhausting the body, either mentally or physically.

The fourth benefit of fartlek training is that it is a suitable exercise to do anytime. Whether you want to prepare for a race, or are already in the final stages of preparation, you can include fartlek practice. Fartlek can be done in all phases of training because it is not too taxing on the body and is not mentally demanding.

In the prep phase, fartlek allows you to move from a slower run to a faster run, as well as being a great introduction to interval training.

In the final training phase, fartlek can be done as a break between heavier workouts, because you don't have to bother with running speed but just have to keep up with your body's feelings.

The fifth benefit of fartlek training can help improve mental health. Fartlek practice will strengthen your will and make you learn not to give up easily when faced with adversity.

For example when in a race, there may be times when you will be overwhelmed by a lot of thoughts. You think that you can no longer run, and want to stop. But the body can move faster and for longer than you think. Even if your mind signals you to stop, you also feel like you can still run.

The more you cross the pain threshold, the more resilient you will be mentally. Therefore, you will be able to withstand even greater effort, cross your limits, and increase pain tolerance.

Well in this healthyguidesblog find correct way to power up the body.


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