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HD 4830 Graphics Card power consumption is high

Yes, ATI Radeon HD 4830, as you notice from "ati" name, you can tell it was released before 2010s. But don't ever jump into conclusion and think that the gpu would have less power to run the latest games today.

In fact, according to Tech power up, HD 4830 has been classified as a mid range gpu. Surely given its release date, just like the rest of product released more than a decade ago, this component does not support DirectX 12 games, thus you may not run exclusive windows 10 games no matter how light it is. Even A games like Ori & the Blind Forest new series can be played with DirectX card only.

1x 6-pin power connector is needed nonetheless since its max TDP can almost draw 100 Watts. So beside outdated, HD 4830 is far from efficient.

Technically speaking, HD 4830 is not that powerful for the standard today where its base clock is below 1000 Mhz. That said, it can still match the power from HD 6670 and is faster than GT 640.

Given the explanation above, we can guess that it can play a games that was released back then such as Crysis is not a problem for the HD product.

However, if you want to find something faster like you can see here in best low power graphics card plan then you must visit it directly.


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