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HD 6450 Graphics Card is twice stronger than GT 210

Radeon HD 6450 maybe can replace the function of your integrated GPU, especially when the component inside your computer is already old school.

The gpu cores from the product is just 160 which is nothing surprising as it's made for budget gamers.

As your entry level product it does not need a lot of power, and no need to upgrade power supply once you get HD 6450 for your PC.

Even as an entry level Graphics Card, it's available with DDR5 which means it's faster than the DDR3 version.

Moreover, HD 6450 maybe just an awful gpu, but it won't be as bad as GT 210, and we can confidently say that.

Nonetheless, it's hard to see the card to play a games like GTA V, and it turns out you must play it on 600p low to get playable frame rate.

If you need something more casual to test then you can try Fall Guys. On 720p low it manages almost 30 fps.

On Modern Warfare 2 Remastered, just like the situation above, you need to play with 720p on low to gain somehow to make it playable for gamers.

The last is HD 6450 is not the only one in this class, and see many choices in best video card under 50 that give experience for user even better.


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