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Always get enough water for post exercise

As is known, drinking enough water after exercise is important to re-fill fluids or rehydration after the body sweats a lot.

So, what are the benefits of drinking cold water after exercise and is it mandatory?

We are encouraged to drink cold water after exercise, especially when in a hot environment for various reasons.

Launching Verywell Fit, the benefits of drinking cold water after exercise include:

People who exercise their core body temperature tends to increase due to sweating.

Drinking cold water can help delay or reduce the rise in core body temperature that can affect exercise performance.

With a more controlled core body temperature, people who do physical exercise are more resistant to fatigue, the body is more fit, and can exercise for longer.

Drinking cold water after exercise can also increase your appetite for fluids because it is fresher than water with a normal temperature or warm water.

No wonder if in some places or sports competitions, they provide cold drinks.

That way, people who have just exercised do not hesitate to drink a lot and dehydration can be prevented.

When drinking cold water, the body expends more energy to neutralize the cold water temperature to be like body temperature.

However, keep in mind the benefits of drinking cold water after exercise to burn more is not significant.

The number of calories burned for a 16-ounce glass of ice water is only between 5-18 calories.

Although the benefits of drinking cold water after exercise are promising, it is not a must.

It is important to note, every person who is new to exercise needs to restore lost body fluids by drinking plenty of fluids.

"Regardless of the temperature of the cold drink or not, the point is that you still need to be hydrated or drink lots of water after exercising"

get quality exercise through


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